our black belt Family

Black Belt Family is all about family! We are parents who want the BEST for our kids. We want to make sure that our kids are prepared for the future, by instilling healthy habits, resilient minds and strong character, all while having a blast!


  • Future Focused:

    We want to prepare our kids for the real world.​

  • A Safe Haven:

    We believe in creating a safe pace for children to learn, grow, and even fail.​

  • Committed:

    Parents must be involved in the process. ​

  • Inclusive:

    No matter who you are, what challenges you face, or how many skills you have, Black Belt Family is for everyone.​

Our Manifesto

Martial arts builds children up from the inside out.

Martial arts doesn’t just change your child’s life, it changes the lives of the people around them too.

Martial arts gives you the confidence to be FEARLESS.

Martial arts gives kids the tools to create a successful life!

us vs. them

We aren't like other martial arts studios and communities. Truthfully, we don't want to be! We strive to set ourselves and our community apart from "them".

We're fighting against activities that don't instill skills and values

When it comes to after school activities for kids, there are a TON of options out there. At Family Martial Arts and through Black Belt Family, we believe in providing more than just after school entertainment. We don’t want to accidentally teach values, we want to provide an activity for your children that actively, intentionally, and successfully instills values, builds healthy habits, and prepares your child for the future through character building life lessons in a fun and safe environment!

But...This isn't for everyone.

While Family Black Belt is inclusive, and cares deeply about martial arts being for everyone, this isn’t for families who are looking for instant gratification. We value hard work, determination and know the importance of follow through in building strong character. 


Looking for a new studio?

Our programs are designed for families with access to our local studio. We want to help change lives, no matter where you are!

Start your Karate Journey the Right Way

We have you covered! Our Success with FMA package gets you started without committing to a long-term program. It even includes a uniform!