Keep Your Kids Happy, Healthy & Safe With Family Martial Arts

We help families build both physical and mental strength with martial arts catered to all age groups in our safe, welcoming studio.

Our strategy

Now, more than ever, we know how important it is to provide safe and exciting activities for kids. At Family Martial Arts, we go beyond that. We make it our mission to instill values and life lessons that will shape your child’s life for years to come…while having a blast! Our approach to martial arts for kids and families is a culmination of years of experience, and a deep desire to help you build a bright future for your children.

Find Your

Inner Strength

We do more than simply teach Karate to kids. We instill values, teach life lessons, and build lasting bonds with the families we teach. Our studio is called Family Martial Arts because that’s really what we’re all about—giving families a place to grow and thrive as they learn the art of self-defense.

We want everyone in our studio to feel comfortable being themselves. They should feel safe failing here.

Odalys Hart

Family Martial Arts

Encouraging students to fail sounds a little crazy, we know. But it’s the only way to truly grow and learn. No one will succeed at everything on their first try. Our goal is to build the resiliency and drive in our students that lets them thrive through their failures.

Are You looking for new ways to teach, inspire, and connect with your family?

You’re not alone! Our Black Belt Family started for families just like you. Our movement strives to be more than just an after school activity, because we know that the experiences your child goes through now, will impact him for the rest of their life. The Black Belt Family began as a small group of families who had similar goals in mind. We wanted to see our kids thrive, and struggle, and overcome, and find the resilience that we know is so important as they grow up. Over the years, our message has reached more and more families and has expanded our mission to so many lives. If you’re looking to instill life lessons, teach your child how to be more resilient, and connect with your family, our Black Belt Family is for you.



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Our Black Belt Family includes parents from all walks of life who have one thing in common: They want what’s best for their children. We’re here to help families stay active and engaged in a healthy activity that can continue yielding benefits for years to come. What we do doesn’t stop at our studio doors.

Start your Karate Journey the Right Way

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